Four Lectures:
The Art of Treasure Hunting and Wearable Art  

When one sees this title the first thing you may think of is: " One persons junk, is another persons treasure".  I think of myself as a junk rescuer or a "Green Quilter".  The lecture will talk about how we have found items in estate sales, garage sales or items that seem to just show up at our front door.We turn these items into useful works of art that one can wear as jackets or other items that you can use around the house. The best part is that the completed item always has a story attached to it. It is sure to inspire you to look at your treasures that you have in a different light. The lecture is 45 minutes to one hour.

 Trip Around the World with Child Sewing Machines and City Street Quilts 

 This lecture will discuss the history of child sewing machines, where they were made, quilts and other sewing related items that were made during the time the machines were made.  The lecture will cover machines from Germany, Japan, France and more.  In addition,City Street quilts from these country will be shown.  And like in my other lecture there will be a story attached to each.   The lecture is 45 minutes to one hour.  

 100 years of Signature Quilts

I have traveled all over the U.S. collecting vintage quilts as well as making new quilts of my own.  This lecture will cover over 100 years of signature quilts that I have, a bit of history that goes with them and as always each will have a story that goes with the quilt.  Length"  45 min - 1 hours.    

My Love of Sunbonnet Sue

I just love Sunbonnet Sue patterns and quilts.  I have a variety of quilts, wall-hanging's that span a period of  over 80 years.  And like my other lectures each goes with a story and a bit of history.  Length - 45 min - 1 hours.