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 I have been a seamstress since I was 12 and have sewn and patched hundreds of items. In addition I have experience in hand embroidery, crocheting, knitting, and oil painting. I have done yarn tied quilts for family and friends for years.  Nine years ago I decided to combine all of my talents into designing and creating quilts that inspire creativity and memorable treasures. Many of my quilts and wearable art have won awards at the CA State Fair.  Also they have been shown at Pacific International Quilt Festival.   I have a teaching credential in a old subject of "Home Economics". In addition, I have taught adults environmental subjects for the past 40 years. So I feel I have the talent and ability as a "Green Quilter" to inspire you to make great quilts and other projects. 


Why Did I start this business?


Why did I start this business:

I have sewn all my life and decided that I would like to share my ideas and talents with other quilters and enthusiastic sewers. I have been in business for over ten years.  I live in Rancho Cordova, CA, which is a suburb of Sacramento,  I have lived in the same location for over 42 years.  My home is filled with my oil paintings, lots of quilts and wall hangings.


Customer testimonials

"What a great program." 

"I wished I would of thought of that." 

"I can't wait to go home to work on some of my treasures that I have in the back of my closet." 

"Loved your humor and all of your ideas, when do you have time to sleep?"  


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Mary Boyer

10617 Ambassador Dr.; Rancho Cordova, CA


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